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What is holistic web development?

What is holistic web development?

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May 31, 2020

Integral web development is the use of multiple techniques and technologies to create sites with good positioning and high performance.

For many, at one time or another, at work or for a personal issue, they have had a certain degree of involvement in web development from a simple opinion to participating in the creation of a website.

In this work, some say "it must look nice"... "it must be professional"... in short, how should a Web Site be?

A website must meet at least the following criteria:

  1. Meet the objectives of the company or project, for example show what is done or be a sales channel
  2. Consider the competition and implement a strategy, which in these times in general is to DIFFERENCE
  3. To be found in Internet search engines, also known as organic positioning (SEO)
    Insurance to prevent computer attacks
  4. Good technical performance (WPO), which is reflected in a fast loading of its content
  5. It provides a pleasant or optimal experience for the user who visits it (UX/UI)
  6. Aligned with Online or Offline Marketing

All of the above must be linked or interrelated for the best result. Perhaps it can be better visualized in the following image:

In other words, the website must be viewed and developed in a comprehensive or holistic manner, nothing can be done in isolation without considering the other criteria.

For example, what happens if I use a high quality but heavy image? Some might say "It reflects the quality of the company"... But it will make the page slow to display, causing a BAD EXPERIENCE for who visits and bad positioning in search engines. So I should not show anything?... No, you should use high quality images and according to the Marketing but OPTIMAL, this is already a SEO technique and for this there are many alternatives to reduce the weight of the image file but without losing visual quality, in this sense you can read the post How to optimize images for your web projects.

In these times there are Web Templates like Wordpress or others, but in my opinion and experience they always have LOAD LENGTH with respect to the use of other technologies, you can achieve (and I have) with Wordpress be located in the first places of the 1st page of Google, but using templates will ALWAYS have a lower performance than creating a website with PHP + HTML + CSS.

Even if one is not going to create a website, it is important to consider everything said in this Post, to know how to ask the developers (external or internal) and the rest of the team what you want to get, so you can have the BEST PAGE.

What do you think about Integral Web Development?

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